How do I know if my yard needs Core Aeration?

Arizona’s clay soils, heavy traffic, more than 3/4″ of thatch, standing water after irrigation, or lawns that brown easily in heat are all excellent candidates. Any yard, healthy or not, can benefit from core aeration. Remember, the best defense against lawn disease and weed infestation is a healthy drought tolerant lawn.

How do I know if I need Core Aeration and/or Dethatching?

Most lawns can benefit from core aeration during the growing season. Aeration can solve most lawn problems and save water. However, if your lawn has built up a thatch layer in excess of 3/4″, you should have it dethatched/power-raked. Dethatching will eliminate the dense environment that allows insects and disease to live. If you routinely overseed for a winter lawn, dethatching is a necessary process that is performed in late Summer and early Fall. (September-November) Dormant Bermuda lawns can be dethatched in Winter – Spring prior to temperatures reaching 90 degrees. In extreme cases, when thatch is uncontrollable with core aeration, dethatching can be performed anytime during the Summer growing season.

When should I Core Aerate?

Arizona’s warm season grasses, including all Bermuda hybrids (Tifgreen, Tifway, Santa Ana, E-Z Turf, Midiron, Bob-Sod, etc) can be aerated Spring thru Summer. Cool season grasses such as Rye, Bluegrass, and Fescue should be aerated Fall thru Winter.

How often should my lawn be Core Aerated?

In areas where the soil has a high clay content, compaction and thatch build-up is more prevalent, core aeration should be done twice a year. In areas of more sandy or loamy soils, annual aeration will result in continued healthy lawns and improved irrigation and fertilizing efficiency.

Is Core Aeration a one-time fix?

No. Aeration needs to be a continual part of your lawn care plan just like fertilizing, dethatching, weed and pest control, irrigation and mowing. Just like going to the dentist, aeration should be an annual or bi-annual preventive procedure.

Is reseeding and overseeding after Core Aeration a good practice?

Yes. Broadcast seeding after aeration will improve germination, as the seeds will intermix with the deterioration of plugs and have direct access to non-compacted soil in the holes of the turf. If you prepare and seed your own lawn for winter grass, please call to schedule core aeration prior to installing your winter lawn.

Can I rent an aerator or power rake and do it myself?

Yes. However, the minimum rental fees on these machines usually exceeds $100 and you must arrange for pick-up and transporting. Most rental aerators have fixed tines and use a water roller for weight.  These machines are difficult to operate and do not pull plugs like our cam-driven aerators. We bring commercial lawn equipment to your property, include fertilizer, and dispose of the thatch if dethatching is performed. LET US DO THE DIRTY WORK!!!!