Reduce Soil Compaction, Promote Turfgrass Rooting, Eliminate Water Run-off/Puddling, Enhance Lawn Thatch Breakdown, Improve Pest and Disease Resistance, Increase Organic Soil Activity, and SAVE WATER!!

Lawn Core Aeration

Core Aeration revitalizes your lawn by reducing the damaging effects of soil compaction and thatch build-up.

Lawn Soil Testing

Lawn Soil TestingSoil testing to identify nutrient deficiencies in your lawn for developing fertilizer treatments and soil amendment applications.

Fertilizer & Soil Amendments

We can apply the right fertilizers and soil amendments at the right times to keep your lawn weed-free and green all year long.

Lawn Core Aeration is our Expertise

The Plugman Lawn Core Aeration in Phoenix services the communities of Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Sun Lakes, and other areas in Maricopa county,  We proudly feature cam-driven commercial aerators like the Ryan Lawnaire 28.  Our machines have reciprocating tines with vertical coring action. This enables us to penetrate hard soils to depth of 3-4" with tight coring patterns (12 holes per sq./ft.) in a single pass.  These machines are superior to "rental type" core aerators with fixed tines that need weights or a water barrel for added weight to punch the turf.    


"Great service from start to finish. Arrived on time, looked at our yard and told us about the plugging process and what he was going to do. When he was done, the yard was neat and clean with no grass plugs anywhere but in the grass area. He then advised us on what we should do regarding watering and lawn care. Our lawn looks like a thin blanket of green and weed free".

Lois H. - Chandler, AZ.

"Fast and professional. A written estimate was provided on the same day as the initial request. Good work at a fair price."

Scott D. - Tempe, AZ

"Contractor uses special equipment that really does a good job of aerating the soil. He did not need to rent the equipment to complete the job. Chris was prompt in returning our emails and showed up on time as promised. I would strongly recommend this contractor."

Ken N. - Chandler, AZ

"I have used the Plugman for general mowing and lawn maintenance, sprinkler repair, and planting winter grass. I get many compliments on my lawn. They do a great job and my lawn looks 100x better than it did before I started using their service."

Lisa W. - Chandler, AZ

"Showed up on time, completed the work quickly and did a thorough job. The cost was very competitive. The improvement in the growth and appearance has been exceptional. My lawn has never looked better. Intend to hire him again yearly."

Wayne D. - Peoria, AZ

"Chris quickly scheduled an appointment after my first contact. He was on time, performed the job quickly, was very pleasant and professional. My lawn had not been aerated in many years. The lawn looks great, better than it has in many years. Aeration was certainly the right thing to do.  I will use Chris for this service each spring from now on."

Tom M. - Phoenix, AZ

"I reached out to Chris when I found his website (which is very informative), asked him a range of questions and he responded quickly at length - on a weekend no less! I was very impressed. After seeing a video on his website regarding a new type of sprinkler - the MP Rotator, and after doing some research, I asked him to install these and do a general consultation about the lawn. He replaced the sprinklers and nozzles.  The new MPR Rotators are awesome. Much more even coverage and slow, deep watering the avoids pooling and flooding.  His specialty is lawns. If you have one, you can't go wrong."  

John W. - Mesa, AZ


"Chris is the most knowledgeable lawn person I've ever met. It's a sure thing that the job will be done right, with the right equipment, and with the right soil amendments. This is all he does so skip the rest and just hire him."

          Donald G. - Mesa, AZ

We endorse water-saving irrigation devices!We endorse water-saving irrigation devices!

Hunter MP Rotator Nozzles